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About us

At eMLab, our solutions complement the technological method, to create a larger impact. The world is filled with enormous microbes. But all microbes are not the same as different types play different roles. This is where we came in, to maximize the value of specific microbes.

We offer contract services to industries with our microbes’ solutions – that is in a liquid form. The microbes can just be dispersing via irrigation pipe, sprinkler, or manual spray, depending on the package provided to get to the specific environmental concern. It does not involve high tech machines, and furthermore, does not require a large space as it can expand on site. We look forward to work with minds alike and with the one that share the same values with us.

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Product Values

At eMLab, our biological engineering approaches

Getting the waste, a second life
Increase carbon removal
Mitigate climate change
Promote land regeneration
Reduce soil temperature
Reduce malodour
Water treatment
River cleaning

What`s our impact so far?

Below are few results we achieved


cost reduction in fertilization

1,000 kg

Convert waste into bioproducts

1,000 kg

CO2 removed

20 ltr

of EM

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